Café M. Bloomers Delivers an
Enchanting Evening for Valentine’s Day

When a good friend of mine suggested Café M. Bloomers (located at Martha’s Bloomers) to me one day for lunch about two years ago, I didn’t even know it existed. Frankly, I was a little skeptical because my friend described it as a “tea room” and because I had grown up in Navasota and never heard anything about it.

I went with my friend that day for lunch with an open mind and what I found was a well put together café style restaurant that was something all together different from anything I had ever visited in Navasota before. I found it charming, a place where fresh cut flowers on the table are a staple and where hot tea and freshly baked scones are served to compliment every meal. I also found good healthy food and a staff whose southern hospitality is never in short supply. Since then, Café M. Bloomers has become a welcomed and nearly weekly treat that I too have shared with family and friends.

This January while having lunch, I saw a flyer advertising an “Enchanted Evening Valentine’s Day Dinner” at the café. I mentioned it to my family and a few friends and we all agreed this would be a good way to have a great meal and miss the craziness of trying to dine out in the city for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day evening came and our party arrived for a 6pm reservation expecting no more than the normal good food and service. In fact, we were treated to a truly enchanting evening of fine dining and fun right here in our little town.

When we walked in, the dining room had been decorated just for the event. Each table was covered with a red and then white tablecloth with a white rose in a pink rose-colored vase as a centerpiece. Red rose petals were carefully arranged around the vase against the white tablecloth. The walls and the glass showcase were even prepared with shades of red and pink in the spirit of the holiday. When we were seated, each lady in our party was given a single long stemmed red rose.

There was a special menu prepared for the evening. It was comprised of a three-course meal. The first course was a salad or cup of soup. The second course was an entrée with two sides. The entree selections included: roast beef au jus with horseradish sauce, lemon and herb crusted halibut, and baked chicken with artichokes and mushrooms. Finally, the third course was an array of desserts.

I could go on and on about how good the food and the service were, but I will sum it up by saying it was the best Valentine’s Day dining experience I’ve had in years. Everything and everyone looked fantastic. It was quite , intimate and lively all at the same time, just the way you would want an evening out with friends or loved ones to be.

I set out to write a simple thank you note to the staff at Café M. Bloomers after a night out with them. I instead chose to write this letter to the editor to share my experience and to publicly thank Café M. Bloomers and its staff for a job well done and for a truly memorable evening.

John Wren
Anderson, Tx